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Elephant Back Safari India

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Duration : 05 nights / 06 days
Highlights : Elephant back safari at corbett national park, watch animals like Cheetal, Sambhar, Langoors, Deer, sloth Bear, Nilgai, Boar, Wild Dog, Leopard, Barking Deer, and Porcupine, Fishing on the shore of river Ramganga, Kosi, Mandal, and Kothari, Jeep Safari Tour for spotting Tigers, Trekking in nearby forest reserve.
Activities : Bird watching, Himalayan sightseeing, Camping, Trekking, Nature walk, Hiking.
Ratings :
Trip code : EBSI 01
Guarantee : We will stick to let you avail the facility we have promised, but it is subject to booking conditions of hotel / resorts. Departure is guaranteed
Taking Elephant Back Safari Tour in India is full of splendid wildlife viewing enabling you to explore the Jungle wholesomely in its full circle. Enjoying the majestic walk of Elephant while being on his back and tramping through the tall grass is full of adventure and fun. Meeting with plenty of animals such as Cheetal, Sambhar, Langoors, Deer, Bear, Nilgai, Boar, Wild Dog coming in your way is worth exciting. Our 6 day's tour package of Elephant Back riding consists the 5 whole day stay at Corbett National Park which is one of the most famous parks for Tigers. You will have greater opportunity to peep closely into the animal life, giving you a lot of newer and unique experiences. Besides roaming through the Corbett Park while taking Elephant Safari, there will be several other Eco- actvities like Angling, Birding and Trekking which will enthrall you with greater excitement.
Tour Brief
Day 1
Day 2-6

Tour Map
Tour map

Customize Your Tour

Tourist Informations
  • Our package includes only lodging, hotel fare, sight seeing costs
  • Luxury rooms booked in advance to keep you at greater comfort.
  • Free facility of well educated experienced tour guide.
  • Free transportation for all sightseeing spots
  • Any loss and theft of any of your stuffs will not be our resposibility.
  • Costs of expenditure other than hotel fare, fooding and sight seeing will not be borne by us.
  • Timings and programs are subject to change
Detailed Itinerary
Before you feel wildlife thrill, enjoy shopping and leisure
Day 1st and day 2nd
When you land in Delhi, our representative will be waiting for you at airport to pick you and transfer you to the hotel. You will live in the hotel which you have specified earlier to us. If not happy with the accommodation facility of the hotel, our representative will find a better place suiting to your choice.

Elephant Back Safari CorbettAfter you have freshen up and taken lunch, you will take a tour of the National Capital. It will not be possible to visit all the important places of the city. But, you can put your choice about the places you want to visit before the guide. Few of the locations which you will love to hanker in Delhi will be Red Fort, Jama Masjid and Qutab Minar. In the evening, you will be taking a stroll around India Gate. You will love there being snapshot before the historical gate, savouring ice creams and buying balloons. After you have taken the pleasant stroll at India Gate, you will shop at Cannaught Place, which offers a diverse range of shopping opportunity. After you have shopped enough to empty your wallet, your dinner will be at a fine restaurant at Cannaught Place. You will have choice to try out the Indian food or you can order the food of your choice.Your overnight stay will at the hotel. Next morning, you will be leaving Delhi for Corbett.

Next morning (2nd day of your tour), you will be given wake up call to get up early and be ready for the drive to Corbett. After you have taken your cup of coffee, you will board the air conditioned coach waiting for you to take you to Corbett. Drive to Corbett from Delhi will take you around 7 hour as it is approx 300 Km from Delhi. En route, you will stop at a good resort at Gajraula to take your breakfast. By afternoon, you will be reaching Corbett.

As you reach corbett, you will be a bit tired. After you take your lunch, you can rest a while in the wildlife resort which we have booked for you. In the evening, you can go out of the resort and can go for a small shopping cum stroll. If you have forgotten to bring your binocular and hat, you can buy it. The best thing you will love to buy here will be Tiger printed T-shirt which you can buy as a memory of your wildlife adventure at Corbett. After you return form the stroll, we will arrange bonfire for you outside the resort. The moment you will love to cherish with your closet companion while feasting together. Your overnight stay will be at the wildlife resort.

Fishing and Elephant ride : Fun and thrill is together here
Day 3rd and 4th
Your Elephant Back riding will start on the 3rd day. You will be given wake up call early in the morning as the Elephant Safari starts at 6 O'clock. So, somehow you will have to rush to the spot where you will take Elephant Safari on. After fresh up, and taking coffee and snacks, you will hop on Elephant back.

Morning is the best time for wildlife viewing. It offers a time full of solitude and peaceness when animals just get out of their natural habitat. Passing through the dense forest including a series of trees and bushes will let you peep into the original Jungle life. The view of several rare birds and animals will thrill you and arise a pack of curiousity. Our tour guide will be with you to answer you all your queries, no matter how silly your questions are.
Tiger In Corbett National Park
The Elephant will enable you to have a tower view of the forest. You will have opportunity to watch several animals coming in your way such as Elephant, Deer, Wild Boar, Leopard, Jungle Cat, Wild Dog, Jackal, Himalayan Palm Civet and Porcupine. While tramping on the Ramganga river shore, you can encounter the Ghariyal Crocodile and 'Mugger' Crocodile. Monkey and langoors are pervaded throughout the park, and their best job is to give a alarm whenever they see any Leopard or Tiger.

After breakfast, you will again be back to the park. While taking breakfast, you can pack your lunch, because you will never like to come back again after leaving the adventurous Elephant ride. This time you will be on Tiger Trail Tour. Spotting a Tiger is the best thing to try out at Corbett National Park as this park is called heaven for Tigers. Finding out a Tiger is a tough job. But, your luck will matter alot.

Your elephant back safari will end in the evening. Then, you will be getting back to the resort, and will fresh up. By the night, you'd be extremely tired which will assure you to have a pleasant sleeping

Next morning( 4th day ), unlike last day, you will not be in hurry to get up early. You will enjoy sleeping till late in the morning. At 9 O'clock when you will have taken appropriate of slumber, we will give you a wake up call. The 4th day will be reserved specially for Fishing and Elephant Safari Tour. The Fishing facility will be organised by the resort itself. Fishing will prove to be a fine leisure which you will enjoy alot. Rivers like Kosi, Ramganga, Mandal and Kothari offer a suitable spot for Fishing. If you have succeeded and have caught some fishes, you will savour it after cooking it yourself there.

Like the last day, today too, you will enjoy the bumping ride of Elephant Safari. Exploring the Jungle while being on the back will enable you watch the animals for a longer time than you watch while being on the Jeep. Besides, you will have tremendous opportunity to click plenty of good photographs of animals, birds and wildlife view of forest. During the sunset, you will get the best time to click photographs as it will create extremely panoramic view of the forest. In the evening, after you have enjoyed Fishing and Elephant ride, you will be returning to the resort, and will fresh up.

Before you get into the bed, we will arrange bonfire for you. You will enjoy the moment sharing with your companions while partying out and listening to the various wildlife stories, recited by our guide. This leisure will suck all your tiredness of the day, and will give you a warm sleep.

The ultimate adventure sets foot now : Tiger spotting and Trekking
5th day and 6th day
On the 5th day, you will have to get up early in the morning as today, you will have to go for Jeep Safari. Like other day, we will again be giving you wake up call. After getting freshen up and coffee, you will rush to the Jeep which will be waiting for you outside the resort. Taking a Jeep Safari is best suited to spot a Tiger as it takes less time and enable you to travel longer distances. The park offers one of the best possible spots for Tiger viewing in the world.
Elephant Corbett National Park
Once you have spotted a Tiger, there will be a hush silence, and you will be thrilled with stark amazement. Mere his looks will excite you immensely with goosepimples running too riot in your body. But, you don't need to worry. They won't harm you until you disturb them. You can take some wonderful snaps which you can fondle in future, throughout your life as a wonderful memoir

While spotting the Tiger, you will have ample of opportunity to encounter a large number of flora and fauna for which Corbett National Park is widely known. In the evening around 6, your Jeep Safari will be over, and you will return to the resort. By the dinner, you will be extremely tired after a very tight schedule of Tiger spotting Jeep Safari Tour. So, with all your tiredness and wild dream of Tiger and other wild animals, you will be enjoying a comfortable slumber.
Next morning ( 6th day ), after the pleasant overnight sleeping, you will wake up leaving aside all you tireness with fresh mood. This last day of your Corbett tour, we have booked for trekking. Enjoying trekking is one of the most important adventurous recreation while travelling to Corbett. So, we will be happy not stripping you of this wonderful adventure.

Around the park, there are ample of scope for Trekking which will attract the adventure loving people. You need to take care about bringing the Trekking shoes and other Trekking amenities. And never forget carrying your binocular as you might miss some of the most panoramic Himalayan view. For you better convenience, we will arrange an expert of Trekking who will give you some important Trekking tips. The trekking tour will be worth enriching your adventurous appetite, and people who loves excitement will love it. And, if you don't want to go for trekking, you can relax and enjoy sun bath. If, you are not satiated with the wildlife view, then our guide will take a way with you to the park. But, by afternoon 4 O'clock, you will have to reach to the resort as you will have to leave for Delhi.

In the evening after taking refreshment, you will be leaving the resort with warm farewell to the park. Again, you will board the air conditioned coach, and will take way for Delhi. In the way, you will be served dinner. After reaching Delhi, you will check into a hotel where you will stay overnight. next morning, by our representative, you will be transferred to the International airport where you will catch flight for your destination.

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