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Mountain Expeditions

Mountaineering Location : Himachal, Garhwal, Ladakh and Kumaon.
Best Time : Summer months from May to Mid-October are best time to suitable to climb mountains at high altitudes. Rainy months of July is not advisable for mountain climbing as there landslides during rains are common.

Some Tips : Examine your physical and mental health before taking an mountaineering expedition. Body resistance varies from person to person. Exercising is an asset. It can help you build stamina. And always go with experienced mountaineers.

Mountaineering in India

"Nine planets round the sun, only one does the sun embrace.  Upon this watered one, so much we take for granted; So let us sleep outside tonight, lay down in our nature's arms, for here we can rest safely.  One sweet world around a star is spinning - One sweet world - And in her breath we will be swimming, and here we will rest in peace."

It costs nothing than a fortune to be as close to our mother nature. Life seems dwindling in front of vast canvas that appends all the mysterious wonders of the world. There is so much to see while the time we have is so little. So, if you are penchant about this small meeting with mother nature, brace yourself for an unforgettable journey of the majestic mountains of India.

Mountaineering Destinations

Himachal Pradesh
The foothills of Himalayas are the core of mountaineering activities in India. The area around Manali, Beas Kund and Hunuman Tibba are some of the popular mountaineering destinations in Himachal Pradesh. If you are a beginner then Tibba is a perfect mountaineering spot. The Chandra Bhaga ranges, Pir Panjal and Dhaulandhar ranges are the focal points of such an adventurous expedition.

Jammu and Kashmir
Num, Kun and Zanskar ranges are choicest summits that are loved mountaineers. The snow covered mountains not only offer great adventure but bewitch mountaineers with the variegated surroundings that adorn Kashmir. Climbing a mountains here is like climbing up the heaven. The high peaks here will not only test your stamina but technical skills as well. Ladakh, here, is the most enthralling mountaineering destination with a number of high peaks testing mountaineers.

Garhwal draws an large number of trekkers in India. Either love for nature or passion for adventure; Garhwal is a perfect mountaineering spot. The snow covered mountain peaks of Nanda Devi, Kedarnath, Kamet, Bandarpoonch, and other peaks rising 1000 Mts. into the blue distant sky of the challenges to the mountaineers to surmount and prevail over.

Some Precautions for Mountaineers

Mountaineering can be risky if you miss on even a very minute precaution. You must consult a doctor to determine your physical stamina and body resistance. All medicines that you mayu require while climbing should always be there with you. Dehydration is a common problem so you must not forget to carry a bottle of water with you. Moving in groups is always advisable as you can be in touch with your friends, if need some help. Carraying your identity card with yourself can really help. You may leave some of your basic information with the organizers as well.

Permits and Licenses

For Foreign Nationals
If you are a foreign national, you may need permits to undertake mountain climbing activity in India. It is a punishable offense to climb a mountain without prior permission. You need to register yourself with the regular authorities to avoid legal hassles. Send your application with all documents at least three months in advance to Indian Mountaineering Foundation. You have to specifically inform about the destination, path, group, group leader, number of days and past experience in mountain climbing.

As you reach India, you may inquire from the from police or army headquarter about the expedition. They can also help you hire porters and liaison officer to assist you throughout your trip. You are expected to ensure yourself to cover for accident risks and ground/helicopter search and rescue. All mountaineers are expected to have X Mountaineering Visa endorsed on their visa by Indian Embassy.

For Indian Nationals
Applications for mountaineering expedition should be sent to state government or military base, 6 months in advance. Trekking in restricted areas of Jammu and Kashmir should be undertaken only after a clearance from military. Medical examination is a must. Two weeks prior to the expedition, you must inform the commissioner of police or defense base of a particular place; about your trip. If any photographs are taken, they must be first cleared from military. Insurance against all risks is necessary with a credit letter for 35,000 and above if a helicopter search is required.

Things to Carry

There are a number of equipments that you may require while on a mountaineering expedition. Ropes, crampon (ice-climbing spikes), gaiter, head lamp, snow goggles, chock (a metal device inserted into rock as anchor; also, nut), butane gas, twin sling, shoes, carabiners (oblong metal rings), harness seat, ice axe, ascender, descender (a device used for rappelling), hammer, tent, sleeping pad, rucksack, sleeping bag, jummar (device with handles and is used in pairs to ascend a rope), pulley, and helmet are the essentials.

Although most of these equipments can be hired or purchased from Indian Mountaineering Foundation in Delhi or from the departments of tourism offices of state governments but it is the responsibility of the adventure tour operator, if you have hired one.

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