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Horse Safari

Location: Rajasthan, Ladakh, Delhi, Deccan.
Best Time: October to April is the best for horseback riding in India as weather remains pleasant.

Horse Riding in India

Where are your horses, where the reins? How came ye? how had ye the power?
Rein was on nose and seat on back.
The whip is laid upon the flank. The heroes stretch their thighs apart, like women when the babe is born.

Above lies clearly define the significance of horses in Indian history. The vehicle of the great rulers on the maiden tracks travelled miles for the archaic heros to conquer places. Horse riding is not a new concept in India, in fact it is as old as the kings who lived centuries ago. Then, it was a necessity but now it is an adventure activity. And for those who are on eco travel, it is eco-friendly mode of commutation. Moreover, unlike jeeps and cars, these four legged animal can take you to some of the inaccessible points as well.

But horse riding is not as simple as it sounds. Peace and patience are much needed traits of a horse rider. Reasonably good experience and good control over horse is required to move across the varied terrains. These riding expeditions are undertaken for 4-6hrs at a stretch, with small breaks in between for rest and food. Only a well mannered ride and good riding fitness can ensure a perfect eco adventure so hire a horse for yourself and follow all the tips that we have mentioned while we wish you happy riding.

Horse Riding and Eco-Tourism

Horse riding is a fine example of eco-tourism for it will take you to some of the virgin and inaccessible spots without harming nature. Unlike Jeep safaris, it is pollution free and does not defaces the natural tracks. While on a eco-tour, it will not be appropriate to harm nature to enjoy a few fun full days. Keeping this thing in mind, if you make an eco-tour, it can be incredibly relaxing and joyous way of talking to the maiden winds and unfolding some of the mysterious places that nature has harbored in its heart for centuries. Following the off beaten tracks along the foothills of world's largest mountain range, you can enjoy a perfect eco-adventure on a horses back.

Trotting Trails in India

India is a famous as a heritage destination but very few people have idea that it has come out as an adventure destination in which horse riding is a priemier activity. Covering all major tourist destinations in India are Horse Safari tours. You can travel along the folding hills and cross all major rivers and valleys on a horse's back. These horse riding paths are not only enthralling but also an eco-friendly way of maundering around. There are few horse riding packages that we have mentioned here. You can also choose one which seems germane.

Riding Along the Golden Sands
Rajasthan is a land of deserts but interestingly is never deserted. When it comes to horsing,it beats away all other horsing destinations of India. The famous horse that is used for horse riding trails in the dry-hot areas of Rajasthan is Marwari which is a desert horse. The horses are charged by the breed you ride. Marwari and Kathairai are the two breeds found here while there are a few cross breeds. The horses here are slim and athletic. Specially, for the foreign visitors, English. style sandals are used.

Within Rajasthan, there are a number of horse trailing destinations. Different guided tours are available within Rajasthan to help visitors trot around. Pushkar is one such place. The annual fare organized here is like a Christmas carnival in India. So, if you are also attending to this carnival, there is another option to take a trot around Aravalli Hills. Covering most of Rajasthan, this ride will take you to some of the deepest core of the golden city.

Starting from Dundlod, the safari offers an interesting sight seeing halt at some of the oldest forts, Havelis or mansions of Rajasthan. Since this safari travels through the villages, you can sooth your eyes with the sceneries of village life and meet some of the local craftsmen. After visiting all the heritage sights of Rajasthan, this safari ends at Jaipur. The Marwari horse found here is best to trot around the golden sands of Rajasthan.

Riding along the Mystique Mountains
If you are penchant about the hills, then there are a few horse riding expeditions that can be undertaken at high altitudes of Himalayas. Romancing with the snow, the Himalayan Mountains offer bewitching views. The best part of horse riding tours here is the adventure you experience as the horse rides along the narrow pathways at some of the highest peaks. Moreover, you can make a stop at some of the magnificent surroundings. The spectacular landscapes of Ladakh look breathtaking on a horse's back. There are few maiden tracks, unblemished spots and variegated valleys that enslave travellers with their majestic beauty.

There are other areas in the north which offer great horse riding opportunities for the travellers. Although most of the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that are found in Northern Region of India offer horse riding expeditions, you can find very good horsing tracks along the unbeaten paths across central India.

Deccan Riding Trails
Travelling in Deccan on horseback is the best possible way to see the countryside. Such a tour can take you through deserted forests, tribal lands, rolling hills, rural villages and forested foothills. Eco-tourism here is not restricted to mischievous mountains playing with the winds and deep valleys, its about all that is a part of our circumambient. The multifarious life that is found in India us worth exploring. Small villages with no electricity, unexpectedly you see a waterfall by your side and amazingly witching birds that company you for some time during your journey; can one ask for another reason for a trot! So, you can also trot around the green mountains and enchanting landscapes to have a perfect horse riding expedition in India.

Some Trotting Tips

There are a few horseback riding tips that we would recommend before you begin with your tour. You must always read your map thoroughly and make any necessary repairs, as regards the equipment, before you head out. 

If you are new to riding, you must avoid riding alone.  Otherwise as well, if you have even a minor accident and you're alone, what started out as a nice ride could end up being a serious or life threatening predicament. Ensure that you wear hard-soled boots with a small heal. 

Avoid boots with deep arches or large treads, they can cause your feet to get caught in the stirrups. Head gear is a must. A cool pair of shades can provide protection against ultraviolet rays, dust and dirt. A long-sleeved shirt and long pants will give you a bit of protection from scrapes and sunburn and it helps to keep the bugs from biting you.

Things to Bring

Horse riding is undoubtedly an adventure tour but this adventure can turn into misery if you ignore some of the safety precautions. There are a few things that you must never forget to carry with you whole on a horse riding expedition. A safety helmet, good pair of boots, riding trousers, long sleeved shirts, waterproof warm jumper and water bottle are little things that you must carry.

Basic Facts
A good horse rider is one who knows his horses well. Different kinds of horse riding trails use different kinds of horses. The multifarious terrain of India houses a variety of this mammalian species. Different kinds of terrains need different kinds of horses. Choosing upon an appropriate horse in a particular horse riding destination is a much asset. Talk to local guide and he'll help you choose a better horse for yourself.

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